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fohow group co., ltd is a large transnational corporation which is engaged in research, production and sales for natural health products of traditional chinese medicine, and its headquarters is in china.

through ten years of business development, fohow group co., ltd has formed functional departments such as marketing center, health research institute, production center, operation and management center, finance center and so on, and set up subsidiaries including fohow health research institute, fohow ecological agriculture limited company, fohow pharmaceutical limited company, fohow biological technology and fohow biological engineering limited company, fohow textile products limited company and fohow ecological agriculture limited company.

so far, fohow has expanded business in more than thirty countries and regions throughout europe, asia, africa and americas, established more than one thousand local branches and service outlets, and achieved vigorous and stable development on international market. in the future, fohow group co., ltd will expand global map of fohow in stage and region through globalization development strategy, build the most successful health career in the world, and bring good fortune, health and success to more people all over the world.

in february 2009, in order to improve career development of fohow in western european markets better, fohow group co., ltd registered israel branch, established a management team, and actively held various training and promotion activities to expand market. however, the branch developed relatively slowly due to specificity of israeli market. by the beginning of 2014, israel branch had set up one agency in total, owned more than one thousand qualified dealers. they have actively developed heath career of fohow and brought the four series of healthy products including health-care food, health-care appliance, functional textiles and personal care products of fohow to large consumers, which formed certain market.

Relying on vigorous development momentum of fohow group co., ltd, israel branch will also get quicker and better development in coming days absolutely

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