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As an Agent!

To become a Fohow Agent, means you become the authorise sales agent of the company products, which also include the power to register people in your locality or state without coming to the head office, you will be given all necessary assistance and tools to be able to perform these functions.

The benefit of becoming an Agent is much more than a distributor, as all the product will be sold to you at the wholesale prices with also a 5% discount.

Becoming an Agent is the ultimate height in fohow as your growth to wealth is fast and constant, you will be the sole person in your area and as a team we will assist you in selling your products online, train your staffs, conduct periodic seminars for your prospects, teach you all you need to know about the products and how to combine them for treatment of various diseases, so that you can become an authority on Fohow products.

To become an Agent you reguire to have an outlet in your area, you can use as an office and at least two staffs for us to train, Laptops, marker board, chairs etc

As an Agent Fohow will give you an Agency ID which can be used to register new people as distributor or agent, which mean you are in control of your business, all we provide as a team is support and training.

You can open as many office as you like with your Agency ID in any state or country you want to expand to, you dont need to get a different Agency ID if you want to expand to other state or country, your single Agency ID covers it all globally.

To become a Fohow Agent there are some financial requirement depending on your strenght, the minimum is 7.5 million or you can wish to invest more depending on your capacity.


All the benefit of a distributor plus a 5% discount on product at wholesale price

Once you show interest in becoming an Agent and made the required payment, products worth the said amount you paid will be delivered to your location, also you can collect your product in batches if you do not have a store or location to store them.

After two weeks of becoming an agent you will be paid half of the said amount you invested inclusive of commission.

Most of the benefit of becoming an agent is more which can best be explained by the Fohow African Manager which you will meet once you indicate interest to join and become an Agent

You can apply for an agency anywhere in Nigeria and Outside.

Below is a summary of the benefit of an Agent or an investment of 7.5 million

When you invest 7,500,000 with the period of 25 weeks in Fohow investment package the following benefit will be awarded to you.

- Free ptoduct gift worth 4.5million
- Cash investment return 3.5million
- 5 inches smart phone (1)
- 43 inches TV (3)
- Core i5 laptop OR 300L Refrigerator (1)
- International travel award or N960,000 (N480,000 cash and N480,000 products)
- you will be aworded as a qualified EMERALD DIRECTOR.
You are allowed to collect the product for the investment (7.5m) bit by bit to avoid the expiration of the product if you collect all at once


If you have any questions in regard to becoming an AGENT for FOHOW products, please contact us without hesitation by filling the form below with your basic information or call 08098148499

Please fill the agency form below.

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